Friday, March 20, 2009

A quick gunnie question

I stopped by my gun shop for some caps and a box of .38SPL.
As I was waiting for the crowd to thin, I was looking at autoloaders*.
Since Karens experience with her .380 Thunder (Bersa)we only have revolvers.
-In .38SPL (cuts down on redundant ammo).

Anyway, I was kinda Jonesing for some affordable brass throwers and in looking at their sparsely stocked shelves, I have a choice of either 9MM or .40S/W..

Which would be better for defense and more-so cheep(er)target shooting?

An $1,100 .45 colt or S/W 1911 style is out of my price range, so we're looking at the imports.
...Which are the 9MM's and .40's left over form the choice picks.

*Google seems to have a spell check problem with autoloader...wonder why?

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