Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What about the children?

The Obamas have two young children who go to an expensive, exclusionary school on Thursdays.
What I'm wondering is while theFirst Partiers are glad handing and slapping backs of big contributors, who's watching the girls?
While Mr. and Mrs. Lightworker are boogieing to Earth, Wind and Fire on Weds. night- who's helping their girls with their home work? Mom and dad are too busy getting pimped for their social events, with live bands- who's putting the girls to bed?

Is the bedroom section quiet enough for the girls to sleep (without being tucked in by a parent *sniff*) while the 'in' crowd brown noses mingles with their Ghandobama while rocking out to the latest rap?

Just curious Mr. Fiscal responsibility, but how does $100-per-slice Wagoo beef taste with Collard greens?

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