Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The irony bone

Some people are born without it.
Some have it surgically removed when entering politics and a rare few strive to overcome it by strength of pork.

No matter how, but all who are up in arms about the contractually legal bonuses to AIG execs are exhibiting a fine lack of Irony.
Since these same DeeCee pols are the ones that cause the entire mortgage melt down and the ensuing financial blowdown are the same ones who rewarded themselves with almost $5,000 of your money in pay raises.

ANd an additional $40 million in added office budget.

Congress (And then Sen. Obama- when he wasn't running for President) forced the banks to make bad loans and covered them up with the money sieves of Freddy-Maye, and protected them from any kind of correction when Bush tried. As a matter of fact, they and their pets in the Lamestream Media tried attacking him as some kind of Simon LeGree.

Now that the chickens are coming home, they attack those that they forced to do their bidding AND refuse to even look at themselves as long as they have a target to divert attention from the core reason for this Carteresque boomlet.

*Throws a clue east towards D.C.*

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