Thursday, March 26, 2009

Plastic models

You know, the kind you used to pay under $5 for at the dime store when you were a kid.

I got off work early, but had to be back for (an unpaid) mandatory safety meeting at 4, so I ended up at a nearby mall.

I wandered into a huge nationwide hobby store looking for an idea for Karen's new Arts and Crafts/Mission style book case(with pie safe door panels) and ended up in the model section.
I didn't recognise any brands off hand, but did notice the price. These same kind of models you used to put together in an afternoon and destroy with your friends the next
day (what? You didn't?) are now going for between $35 and $50- $18 to $25 for balsa planes.
Including two jets.

Go figure, so I left with 5 pieces of felt for small display cases.

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