Saturday, July 26, 2008

Your mileage may vary

Since I got the S-10, I've been noting the MPGs as I filled up.
It's been averaging between 19.75 and 22.5. not bad, but I was wondering about the variation in fuel economy, especially since I was pretty much doing the same highway rout. I thought it may have had something to do with the weather because I seemed to get better mileage when it was cool to cold outside. It didn't make much difference if I had my A/C on or off, though.

Then I was assigned to a H.S. on the east side of San Antonio (go Rockets)and started getting my gas almost exclusively at Flying J truck stop because of their marginally better gas (it dropped to $3.68 on the way home today) and noticed my mileage holding pretty steady at 22.5 MPG, so I think my variation was from the varying amount actually measured per gallon at different stations.

And since I'm holding steady at the higher mileage, not only does Flying J have better prices, it seems that I get more gas for the price, too.

Oh, speaking of petroleum products- we got off early today (2PM) because we figured we'd poisoned Gaea enough for one day with three broken hydraulic hoses on the backhoe.

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