Sunday, July 13, 2008


What an expensive week-end i'ts been.

Thing 2's computer(that we got on e-bay two years ago) had a huge hick-up and quit conneting to the internet. It has office 2000 on it and no rstore CDs, so after getting tired of f*cking with it, we all agreed to try Best-buy's Geek squad. While waiting in line I mentioned to Thing 2 that the ...girl in front of us looked like a hooked fish with her pierced bottom lip and chewing her cud gum looking exactly like a landed bass.
he saig: "Yeah, I was just thinking that, too."

Anyway, we get to the front and talked to Mr. Geek and explained what was (not) going on and how much it would cost to throw a Dell restore CD in to get it going again?
Almost $180!
UMMMmmm, ok- we'll forget that and look at new ones thankyouverymuch.
We ended up getting a Kodak digital cam to replace the Nikon that stopped working for 140; and today She got her early Christmas present in the form of a brand spanking new Acer laptop(which is copying to disc the factory restore settings as we speak).

Igot the oil and filters changed in both trucks in spite of that rotator cuff problem.
Tomorrow it's back to stringing secondary for portable classrooms.

Now it's my turn for a new hard drive.

So, how was your week-end?

We got done creating restore discs -10 of them, and now we find out that it won't connect. I have either to get with Wildblue, DISHiternet of ACER to find out what to configure,

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