Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I guess they're a necissary evil.

I got Thing 2 a Virgin moble cell phone to replace half of our Sprint plan.
The phone and 30 min. (about three months for her usage) cost about $65.

I tried to activate online, but got caught in one of my lies I put her birthdate at 1999 instead of 1989 and gort caught in the "Minors Privacy Protection"....whatever and they made me call in to the 800 number where I got it all activated and was all hunky-dory untill I asked about importing her old number and was met with a very southern and polite version of "Oh cr@p!", "Why didn't you tell me that the first thing?"

Ummm,,,I didn't know I was supposed to.

I then got sent to the deactivation dept. where I was deactivated and shuffled on to the activation desk 1.0 (she was brand new and had to be talked through it by a super)- I'm Ok with OJT if someone wants to learn.
So we went throught the whole thing and I even remembered the password for our Sprint acct. and was feeling pretty good untill they needed Karens SSN......ummmmmm, dammit- I don't have it any more, it got washed.

Ok, can we hold it until Karen can take over tomorrow?
No, it won't hold.
OK, looks like Karen has something to do on her lunch hour.

All in all I was on the phone for a little over an hour.
But that's ok if we can get out of a cell bill of $72/mo for two phones using 220min/ month.

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