Tuesday, July 08, 2008

One of them days

Except that it's Tuesday.

The job wasn't *that* bad except for the rain and thunder rolling around.
We need it, it hasn't rained in San Antonio in almost six months- but it kinda sucks playing with secondary wire that's tied into the grid in a thunderstorm.
It was getting bad enough that I was ready to call it quits and get my helper out of the bucket when it



So we got to finish that schools' portable classrooms.
...And we ran out of the right size connectors we need, so we're using oversize kerneys* now, just to get thing working.

I finally got home (it's raining and people want to drive even f*cking slower) when I was met with a plant massacre of the potted pepper plant kind.
The green (and red and yellow) pepper plants that the dogs took
No. notice. of. whatsoever.
were strewn all over the porch (because they were so happy Thing 2 was back from England) because of the freaky weather.

I was going to make Sweet and Sour chicken tonight, but ran out of the S&S sauce, so I had to make some more wiht balsamic vinegar and sugar. It was tangy.

I tried taking pics of the gun display cases, but either the BRAND NEW EVERREADY
batteries I just bought are bad, or the $125+ Nikon is on it's last legs- because I get two pics before it says *batteries expired*.

Then I decided to watch some old west shootouts wiht Robt. Duval and Kevin Costner in AMCs Open Range...BUT,,,
I started watching a 90 minute movie well into it, and was still watching it two hours latter due to all the commercials.
No wonder hardly anyone with half a brain doesn't watch TV that much any more.
I'm going to cancel two TVs on my DirectTV account because the two bedrooms TVs are never on.
...and I can hook them up to the two working co-ax lines if need be, so they have cable to watch the *Gem Channel* if needed.

*No, I don't mean just a little bigger, it's like 1/0 split bolts for a #4 wire oversized.

AND I realized that I forgot to tell the wife that I was going to put a $20 into my nephews birthday card, so now I have to send *another* belated B-day card.

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