Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pictures part 1

This is the Trapper case I was having trouble with.
First I cut the finger joints wrong, then I miscut the Plexiglas about a quarter inch too short to be able to make it work.
At all, no matter what.

Boy, you can really see that seam in the felt, can't you?

This is where I finally quit before I screwed up more oak pallets reclaimed seasoned oak boards.
I don't have any room in the loafing shed I tried to turn into a wood shop, so now it'll have to wait until I get out and ad another (at least) 12' x 12' section to the back.

And run some big enough wire to make it usable AND 220.
(We are stringing #4 service drops, and it IS about 100feet......hmmmm)

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