Friday, July 18, 2008

RE: Dr. Who

Ok, I got home with my takeout Whataburger (it could have been gizzards hun!).
Ate that and crashed until almost 9 when I heard the answering machine~ I think your mom called.

Anyway, I think I'm watching the Dr. Who I missed, but not sure with the little fat nodules all over America.

Anyway, in the background, two of the doKTors women are getting to know each other.
Rose, who we last saw getting sucked into the Tardus drive (somehow) and Donna the overbearing wannabe bride.

I'm not really following it, but Rose looks like the afterlife really doesn't agree with her.

oHHHH,,,,,,,,Rose told Donna "Bad Wolf".
Chit, it's the end of the world as we know it.

UPDATE (part dos)
You know those MRE tuna packs that you could just dump a bunch of mayo in and dip it out with crackers (or hash browns~yum) if you do the same thing almost twenty years latter after being dehydrated all day, you'll get the vicious hickcoughs that hurt all the way to your back.

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