Saturday, July 12, 2008

Okayyyy....will the driver be black?

Will the pit crew "look like America", or will they be the best they can get for the Obamessiah car?

Well, it fits his political leaning, doesn't it? Go straight and turn left.
He couldn't even get a good team, he had to look for the desperate ones to sponsor.
That opens up a whole world of politically tied questions, doesn't it?
Will the minority driver (i'm sure he won't be a white guy) be given preference points?
Will they get to start farther down the track to - you know "level the playing field"?
Will the girls (no matter what their sexual preferences are- just don't ask) get paid the same as the guys? (just wondering because the Obama '08 team doesn't pay parity)
Will they be using an environmentally friendly fuel?
What about the environmentally hazardous chemicals?
The used tires?

This could be fun if it ever catches on to the big blogs.

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