Saturday, June 02, 2007

Will we ever get off of the Kristina crap?

I mean c'mon now, it's been over two years since ol' Chocolate-boy Nagan left his people to fend for themselves during (and after0 the storm.

After reading this story about Katrina still killling N'awlines residents, I just have to wonder when I'll see the next part,,,,the one about needing a dumptruck load of money to help set things right.

How come the Big Easy is the only one with the problem?

There are high rates of mental health problems among the survivors and previous research has found that mental disorders are predictors of earlier death rates," Kessler said. "So putting the two together in New Orleans is not surprising."

Local mental health professionals say they are encountering more people with psychological problems.

"We're seeing triple the number of people with mental health problems as we were before Katrina," said Leah Hedrick, social worker at Ochsner Hospital. "Depression, suicidal, anxiety, abuse of drugs and alcohol, and along with that comes a lot more physical problems."

Maybe it's because Uncle Sugar too care of every worry they ever had, and they didn't need to grow up and realize that life can be a chit sammich sometimes. The government
fell on it's ass isn't taking care of them the way they'd like, and they never had to do anything on their own. Now they have to, and don't like it.

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