Thursday, June 21, 2007

I AM amazed


I thought those in power up in D.C. were the ones that were the ones that made things happen.
Turns out I was wrong- they're almost as helpless as a newborn kitten- if you believe what they tell you on talk radio.

I heard Micheal Chirtoff yesterday, telling how powerless he was to close a gap in the Cali border fence called "Smugglers Gulch (or Gap) because according to him it's some kind of engineering impossibility. The Engineers have been looking at the problem of filling and fencing this free pass for over two years. But Micheal can't be held responsible for his agency not getting it done...because he has to rely on his underlings- ya know.

Trent Lott was on Hannity as I was driving home tonight, complaining about how helpless the entire U.S. Congress is to actually get their laws enforced.
THAT'S why nothings been done about the increasing flood of illegals since 1987.
They pass laws, but golly-gee, we can't actually enforce them, ya know.
But trust us on this new one, we'll see that it gets enforced.




Sorry guys, I was in the Navy for almost 9 years, (you pick your favorite bureaucracy). I know that if the boss wants something done- it gets done. If the boss doesn't want it done, no matter how he mouths off about it- it don't get done.

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