Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Can we, like disenfranchise a state?

You know, kick them out of the Union?

Let Mexico have it back?

I just heard as I was coming home that Califoristan's Leg voted to try forcing our president to pull our troops out of Iraq. Actually it authorises a general force the president to pull our troops out of Iraq.

The sanctuary city idea, the Pavlovian Bush Derangement Syndrome, the Anti-military polices on unmentioned major cities. Not to mention the complete abandonment of the U.S. judicial code in other cities overrun with illegals.

They've been forcing their Socialist will on the rest of America for decades. When is America going to say "ENOUGH! You get your Liberal Communist loving mEcha @ss out of our house and live with what you've got. Stop polluting the rest of America with your foul ideas."

Oh, and Hollywood, we don't really need you, either.

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