Monday, June 25, 2007

Radio sales reps,,,

Aren't they supposed to try to find a good fit for the ads instead of just *selling* air time? No matter how badly the ad fit with the program?

The reason I'm asking is that both 1200 WOAI and 930 KLUP which host the likes of Laura Ingrham, Rush Linbugh, Michael Medved, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage have put an ad for the BI-LINGUAL YELLOW PAGES on during their respective shows.
With all the broo-ha-ha about the amnesty bill, someone really should have told them,,,"Not reeealy a good idea to flood the airwaves with heavily (Mexican)accented english right now....If you get my drift."

But someone did sell a bunch of airtime to people who brag about having clients who no hablar anglis.

Way to go Herb!

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