Thursday, June 28, 2007

San Antonio--"Up yours Army!"

I guess the only time that the (mostly) Dem City council cares about U.S. military bases anymore is when BRAC is looking at closing something.

They fought hard to keep the funding for Fort Sam Houston during the last round.
Now they had a choice of Keeping San Antonio a military friendly city by keeping Camp Bullis away from light pollution, or going for the developers money.

Guess which won?

Yeah, the developers. Why would anyone think the Armed Forces training to go to Iraq might need to actually have training in the dark?

The city council just voted to rezone the area surrounding Camp Bullis to be developed into a residential and commercial zone. Some 700 acres.

The choices I'd heard were;
  • Keep the natural ambiant dark (for night vision training)
  • Re-zone to the developers request
  • Laughably.....put black-out zoning into effect in the development.
Black-outs, in high-dollar gated communities. How long do you think that would last?

Anyway, I guess the S.A. city council thinks their chit don't stink with the Spurs MBA title.
...And the Defense jobs here that they'll try to keep.
The fact that hundreds of thousands of new people keep moving here makes them think that somehow they have some kind of class other than... low.

Yep, I can hear them now, complaining about how D.C. doesn't understand how MUCH they love the military and would do ANYTHING to forward their mission. Yep, I know I'll be getting an earful of Bravo Sierra next time they talk about base closings.

(UPDATE) JUNE 29 6:20pm

Sorry, I got That wrong- or the TV got it wrong. I heard the real details on my way to work this morning.
The City Council DID mandate a buffer zone, the developer will only get half of what they wanted.

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