Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Boy, that kinda sucked

I had to take one of our directional bores up to Abilene yestrday.

I was supposed to have taken it up Fri.
Then Sat.- mebby.

Then Sunday night I got the call to be rady to go first thing Monday, and hop a plane back.
When Monday rolled around, the big boss still didn't know if he was going to need it( they ran into some -almost-sedimentary rock with the smaller bore). I was hanging around from 7:15 AM till my boss got an answer at 11:30. Bring it up.
On the way up to Abilene, I stopped in Kerville (went back with a flat, actually) and lost 2 hours at Discount Tire.

Back on the road - with not a cloud visible- nor a radio to listen to. Or A/C.

I finally made it to Abilene about 6:30, and helped the other crew get their bore re-aimed (with a pothole, a chain and an excavator). There was Bentonite (drilling mud)over everything that was near the hole.

Did I mention it was supposed to be a one day and back thing? So I didn't bring "work" cloths- or a change of...

Anyway, the place the boss was going to put us up at was unexpectedly full, so was the next, and the next. At 10:30PM, we finally got a room and I had the pleasure of trying to make myself halfway presentable for the flight home in the morning. Leaving at 6:30AM.

Well, apparently American Airlines needs to do more training on landing in the rain, because there were about four flights diverted to Abilene from DFW.
We left about 2 hours late, and were delayed when we got to DFW, too.
I finally got to San ANtonio anout 1:45 this afternoon.

In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't *that* bad, but I'm a spoiled American who's used to things going flawlesly all the time.

I'm tired, I'm going to drink too many beers and go to bed early. Which happens to be something like PDB is doing in the abcense of his wife..in the search for the perfect magurita.

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