Friday, June 01, 2007

Ok, y'all know what I think of driving while phoning

I wonder just how BADLY this driver was driving?

Which of the common cellphone d*ckhead moves did she pull?
-The take-up-1 and a half- lane thing?
-The slow-down-to-a-crawl,,,and then speed-up thing?
-The almost-miss-the-exit-and-cut-off-the-two-right-lane thing/
-The paying-NO-attention-to traffic-conditions-and-almost-rear ending-someone?

Whatever it was got the school bus driver fired...with pics for drivers-ed no-no's.

Ohhh,,,,,,and it's NOT the having the phone in your hand---it's the absolute loss of driving ability that's the problem. Yeah, telling Timmy-the-temp how to change the copier toner and re-boot the machine---while travelling at 70+ MPH on crowded roads.

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