Friday, November 09, 2007

Please don't hate me because I'm beautiful a dooshbag -part 2

I'm sure you've heard about the guy who sent a bragging, snotty e-mail to some woman who pinged" him.
Well now he's crying that his bragging letter has made the rounds on AlGores intertubes.

Jen apparently was put off by Page's letter. She sent him a canned response that said they weren't a "personality match."

But instead of moving on, Page made a colossal blunder. He sent her an angry, defensive, sarcastic letter relisting his vital stats – stats that he thinks make her a fool for spurning him:

"8.9 on Hot or Not, Ivy League grad, Mensa member, can bench/squat/leg press over 1200 lbs., has had lunch with the secretary of defense, has an MBA from the top school in the country, lives in a Buckhead high-rise, drives a Beemer convertible, has been in 14 major motion pictures, was in Jezebel's Best dressed, etc."

Jen forwarded Page's e-mail to the popular media blog In posts viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, Gawker published Page's letter and picture, along with mocking links to his website. Gawker dubbed Page a "nightmare online dater," a "douche bag" and the "worst person in the world." Google the phrase "Atlanta douche bag" and you'll now find John Fitzgerald Page.

Ohhh, and made him the object of derision.
I think the death threats are a little over the top, though.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Just showing his moves

Removed because frigging DISH NETWORK Keeps telling me I'm using too much bndwidth!
Do NOT sign up for DISH NETWORK broadband- get wild blue instead.

I got me a brand new...

Big helping of nothing.

I feel like cr@p.

I worked my way out of a job, and was told last Fri. it was my last day.
Now I have to scramble to find something, so i've been looking and calling around.

Don't want to do a driving job because of my shoulder, but I'll do it if nothing comes up better by Weds.

Boy, I wish I'd hear somehing about that locators job -rich municipality, baby!

They didn't forget about me!
After four days of nothing, they gave me $85 worth of work...IF I can gain access because they're all in gated commumities. With no codes and usually no one home.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The things you find by linksurfing---bumped

Oh, look! It's my favorite piece of trailer trash en camera...

The first pic even showes her doing a pretty good Rosie impression!

CAUTION, not for the faint of heart, squemish or those with *any* kind of taste.

So,,,,, HEEEeerrrRRrreeeeeesSSS..................Brit!

I was just at wally-world and just had to spread the word about the newest addition to our favorite white trash family...........
According to the checkout counter papers!!!!!!!!!!!...again!!!!!!!

Next we'll be seeing her walking around in her bathrobe with curlers in her hair and a coffin nail hanging from the corner of her mouth.

Monday, November 05, 2007

"Penny for the guy?"

Today is Englands Guy Fawks day.

It's kinda like their Independance Day, in celebrating the discovery of a plot to blow up Parliment and the King.

In our day we'd call him a terrorist.

This was also the time I went to meet Karens parents in 'Old Blighty' about six years ago.
If I can find them, I'll be posting some pictures of "ahn owld bairn" as Karen so quaintly called the remains of the Mayflower.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I say my boy, that's simply not Cricket.......wot?

I see over in Orlando they had a Cricket match and a shooting broke out.

No, it wasn't the Brits, it was their former colonials *dot* Indians.

I guess I'm thinking of the 'other' Cricket that takes days to play, interrupted by tea and crumpets and formal ,,,,ummmmm whatever high class Brits do at night.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

I know this road like the back of my hand

Why should I slow down in a little fog?

I actually heard that on the C.B. when I was hauling a load up in VT. From a "professional Driver"...with a Class A D.L.

Anyway, THIS is why you slow down....

FRESNO, Calif. - More than 100 cars and trucks crashed on a fog-shrouded freeway Saturday, killing at least two people and injuring dozens more, the California Highway Patrol said.

Eighteen big rigs were involved in the massive pileup on Highway 99 just south of Fresno as patches of dense fog obscured visibility on the heavily traveled roadway, CHP officials said.

But, then again it's California, so reality doesn't infringe there very often.
But when it does it hits hard.

Friday, November 02, 2007

C'mon Opie, lets go phishing

I just saw a hit from someone looking for phishing help.
More specifically, how to belatedly help *do* something about clicking on a phishing site.

Yahoo had some experts there, but I'll give you a little advice.

A phishing site won't,,,,will NOT look the same as your computer screen.
It may even have a different browser than you normally use, different bars and tab pages (I don't use the tab thing).

The main site will also look subtly different.

Most importantly, NEVER click a link from e-mail. Go to your bookmarks, or search for the site to be sure you don't get redirected to a phishing site.

Your Friday drivel

Found at The daily ramble, one meme I could get into...

The 10 people who need to get hit with a brick meme

Ok, here's my top of the head list:
  1. Sean Penn
  2. Michael Vic
  3. Pinch Sulzberger
  4. Adolph Admdinijihad
  5. Hugo chaves
  6. Ted Kennedy
  7. Every member of ELF,PETA,
    and all the other eco-freaks.
  8. Harry Reid
  9. Ron Paultards
  10. Every member of the Mexican racist organizations working for illegal amnesty.

As you can see I'm not tagging anyone, because I don't like being tagged, but feel free to use for blogfodder.

I see the price of oil is going up again

I guess *this time* it's because the Fed dropped rates, right?

It couldn't be speculators just running up the price just so they can make even MORE money, would it?

When are the Legacy Media going to start going after "Big Specultion" like they're going after the oil companies? After all, oil companies actually PRODUCE something to make their 8 cents a gallon of gas- speculators don't do jack for their money except drive up the price.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Please don't hate me because I'm beautiful

Rants from a $500/hr whore escort.

"Yes sailor, meloveyouforevernobushchit".

You PETArds need to call the SPCA

Or not.

I had two out of three dogs wagging their tails at me from the wrong side of the fence when I got home today. So instead of doing paperwork and taking a well needed nap, I had to try dog-proofing the paddock.

I know you'd rather come over here and "set the poor creatures free". But the reason I don't want them running around is that they're idiots.

We try to keep them in the yard because they don't know about traffic, the only cars they're familiar with let them ride inside them and only travel at walking speed.
They don't know what to do on the highway half a mile the dead Bodie (cost $90 to put him out of his pain) demonstrates.

They don't know about the wild critters that look at them as prey or competition,,,not playmates.
Cows, sheep and goats are not funny looking dogs,,,and will result in getting shot.

Those are some of the reasons we try to keep these three dogs in the yard.

One of them (Meg- the terrier mix) has decided that running around on a little over an acre isn't good enough.

After digging out for the last two out of three days, I finally ...oh, and she had to stop at my work shed to clear the top shelf (and ruin a dremil, and loose parts to a plunge router)...I finally got tired of just blocking her escape paths and went electric.

I don't mean the 20VDC from the electric fence control box- that she knows how to get around- nope it's 120VAC and not interrupted. If she wants out that bad she'll remember the experience, and hopefully it'll scare the other two into staying far away from any shiny wire along the fence.

Hey, at least I stopped myself from running a neutral six inches from the hot wire,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this time.

Beer, it does a body good

I always new that beer was better than water on a hot day.
Next time your Dr. says anything bad about how much you dronk, show them this article about hydration. (Including a really gehy pic about a Crikitteer)

Basically what they say is that beer is as good for you as water (probably better) because of the carbs and other healthy stuff.

So y'all next time you work hard feel good about rewarding yourself with a nice cool one.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Some things to remember tonite

Some things this clip forgot to tell you:
Removed because frigging DISH NETWORK Keeps telling me I'm using too much bndwidth!
Do NOT sign up for DISH NETWORK broadband- get wild blue instead.

When being chased by "Teh Ebil" ...NEVER jump into a pickup truck to escape.
It *won't* start...even if you just drove it off the showroom floor.

The nekkid girls are always killed first.

Hot blondes are right up there too.

And now that we've got those tips out of the way...

You better have some good candy for this kid:

Removed because frigging DISH NETWORK Keeps telling me I'm using too much bndwidth!
Do NOT sign up for DISH NETWORK broadband- get wild blue instead.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A little ingenuity

A little bit of common household spray-on cooking oil.

A couple R/C servos.

An ignition source...


A fire breathing pumpkin!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007

And a happy end to the week-end

I hope I won't shock anyone with this NSFW pumpkin

It's not like it's a completely full page nekkid pumpkin, or anything like that.

It's just that some people just can't see the humor in anthrophomorphic pumpkin behaviour.

Clickum for pumpkin pr()n.

IF you really want to...

He IS a *happy* pumpkin flasher.

That certainly was eye catching...

I dropped off Thing-1 at work in Castroville and headed out to Hondo for the weekly grorcery shopping.
On the way I passed an oversize load and his escort on the opposit side of the HWY. I saw the amber and White flashing lights far enough ahead, but what caught my eye was the escorts color scheme- or rather lack of color. It would have caught any drivers eye even if they didn't have their lights on.

Funny how a black and white F-150 and his buddy the black and white Crown Vic will do that.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Git OFF my lawn!

The more I use VISTA the less I like it

Aside from having the Liberal nannyism EVERY TIME I try to open, close or download frigging anything---ask "Do you really want to do that"....Dave?

Yes HAL, I *really* want to download the updates the Microsquish is offering me!

NOW, all you IT and AIT, and computer geeks techsperts tell me why:
  • I just started getting an error message that saysTHIS PROGRAM CANNOT DISPLAY THE WEBPAGE.....when I never went to a site that I couldn't get to
  • HOW do I get rid of it without comletely shutting the computer down...only to have it majically reappear! It won't even tell me WHERE it tried to go.
  • WHY it refuses to restore to Thursday (when I first noticed it)
  • Does anyone want to buy an almost brand new HP Compaq for $350 (used about two weeks) or trade for a Mac?
I finally forund the sekrit to getting the hard-drive out of the old HP, so I can go back to XP and A LOT LESS nannyism and the way Bill Gates decided that I was too idiotic to use some of the basic functions that are INACESSABLE IN VISTA....because we don't really NEED to know any more than *they* want us to.

They won't even let me uninstall IE7 and reinstall IE6.

Am I remebering things wrong, or did Win XP go from ,,,like $90 for the home edition to almost $200 when that abortion VISTA came out? I *know* they want more for XP now than they did before everyone got served with it wether they wanted it-or not.

It's not news, it's CNN

Yeah, I stole that from Fark.

Because Halloween is near and I'm all about helping, here's a piece on what to do if your house is haunted.

Which gives me a good lead in to these two vids on the Haunted Lesbian sorority.

And the girls find a Ouiji board:

Karen walked away in disgust...You decide what that means.
But I'm a guy, so I think differently.

Friday, October 26, 2007

the Anti-Dixi Chicks?

Except they're not girls.

But after reading about Big and Rich, I'll even think of buying some of their CDs.

You *know* them...

But that's not all they are, try this tribute to our guys in 'Nam:

.....And I learned from this vid, that *all* rap isn't intolerable.

Thanks to Cowboy Troy.
(Who I think was the Drum Major on their first video)

Not worth another post, but here's some girls and machinegun pr()n.

I have to admit that I'm surprised

Not that these bridge survivors are trying to gin up sympathy (and lots of money) for themselves.
I'm more surprised that that 9-11 payout hasn't been used as a precident more often.

Like anytime more than two people die at the same time, or that they died and the MSM covered it incessantly.

Sure it was bad, not as bad as 9-11 and I'm sure there are lots of people to sue in the bridge failure. It's not like their insurance became null and void as soon as some islamic nutjobs took control of three jets.

I was against the 9-11 payout because I saw it being used as a precident for all kinds of 'free' money to make the survivors feel better.
I was also against it for just the sake of basic fairness to everyone else who died or was sevierly injured on 9-11 that didn't get jack because they weren't in a certain location.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ok next pumpkin

Anyone who reads SCI-FI knows about the "Bug-eyed-Monster".

It's sometimes shortened to B.E.M.
Now we have the B.E.P.

For some reason, I think he got into the photon juice befor the picture was taken....

I just want to let my Sen. Kay bailey-Hutchinson know that I am pissed off

She decided to vote FOR the latest Amnesty bill floating it's way throught the government system.

I already let her know that I'll no longer be willing to pay her salery. No matter where she decides to try for next. Yeah Kay, we don't want an amnesty supporter for Governer either!

Any of my Texas readers can let her know how you feel by sending her an e-mail.

And in all those bot-letters I got back from her telling me she'd *never* vote to reward lawbreaking. I wonder who offered her what for that vote?

Sometimes you're the windshield

Other times you're the bug.

It seems like this entire week I've been the bug........on the Interstate.
I re-tore that (ligament? Tendon?) problem the MRI couldn't find on my shoulder, and everything they gave me so far has taken longer and been more FUBARed than it should have been for the job.
I was thinking of working Sat. but I'll blow it off this week.


Now guys, I know you'll probably have some Halloween week-end parties to go to, so out of the goodness of my heart I'll give you a quick costume idea.

....AND you can show how much you care about womens issues (yeah, ok, but play along)

With this costume you can also advancwe their preventive health by reminding them about screenings.

Or you could just be your perverted self...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'd like some Chianti and Fava beans, please

And that's it's real color, some kind of resseive gene in Atlantic Giant pumpkins.

It's U.N. Day today kiddies

Sorry, I just noticed it on the calander.
I didn't notice if Yahoo or Google had any special GIFs to commemorate it.
What would it be?
People with bloated bellies falling over with flies buzzing aropund?
People kneeling in front of mass gaves whil the big, shiny UN SUVs are at the motel?

Better yet, to reinforce how we could spend money better.....

You notice how it matches the UN helmets so well?

I looked for that color.

How about this take on the Cali fires

I've read enough comparisons between this FIRE (which didn't give a weeks notice) and N'awlins (where the leadership was partying in Baton Rouge instead of evacuating)- and the color difference.
And the fact that they're 'rich'.

Both disasters were either brought on or made worse by Democrat/Liberal/Greenie politics.

The big difference is that those rich people who lost their property know LAWYERS.

Home today

I've felt like chit for the last two days, and now I'll either go in late or not at all.

Everyone else is gone, so I can have some 'me' time and see about doing things around the house.
Finding out what's wrong with the heater would be a good start. Hopefully it's just a bad thermostat.

Too bad I'll either have to eat today's pay or make it up on Sat.


I guess I'll just add to this one as I find things to babble about.

I'm really surprised at how low the hit count was for this search.
I thought that there would be that many just in the D.U. alone. (warning for those who've never been there, be sure to have something ready to scrub out your hard drive when you leave)

Ohhh, look who'se back in the states!


Gawd, what an expensive day. $120 to the Vet for doggie related anti-flea armaments and $25 to the hardware store for a thermostat and weatherstripping.

I got the heat working and as a bonus, our smoke alarm is pretty sensetive.
We'd always had trouble with our programmable thermostat (on the heat side) and just as I was ready to pull it off the wall, I noticed some of the contacts the face pins were supposed to hit were low. So we now have a spare thermostat, and a blower that works at 100% (because I fixed a loose connection) and you can tell the difference, too.

I'll be stay home today and be around $250 short (because of payloss and buying cr@p)
because it wouldn't be worth the hour drive to try making it up.