Thursday, May 31, 2012

Now that the frufra-all is over

I want to say something about that Time cover on breastfeeding.
*Go ahead, it's your blog*

You remember the one which launched a thousand parodies.

The thing that brought it up again is the broohahah about the two Air Force chicks breastfeeding in their BDUs (or whatever they're called now) and how uptight prudes (on both sides) are getting their noses out of joint about it.
That really doesn't offend me as much as the Time pic, because:
  • They're in the Air Force (Duh yeah, not like it's a real service)
  • They're  acting motherly to babies
  • The blonde has some nice ones she's airing out.
What got my attention was the Time woman was her entire body speech.
She was out there with there almost 4 yr-old kid STANDING on a chair, while her whole attitude was "Yeah, I'm doing this- what are YOU going to do about it?" "Let me ruin my kid the way I want to while getting Time some badly needed prime time."

So we have one Obababot with an attitude, and two service women in uniform just doing their thing -who got put in a La Leche thing for doing what was natural with their infants.

I'll give the wing-wipers a pass.


  1. I think there's a distinct difference between a woman nursing a baby and a woman nursing a pre-K boy that's 75% her height. There's a point where a little rice and gravy is the suggested food and anyone with a little more intelligence than a garden vegetable doesn't need an explanation.