Monday, May 14, 2012

I have to admit that I am not a shipwright

Nor do I have much nautical insights, BUT I do have common sense.
Judging from the pictures I see in this article, those highly educated archeologists didn't have even that.

It took them three months to build what looks like a 25-30' boat from an example dug up somewhere.

Three months to slap some planks together and they didn't even think about pouring pitch on the holes to waterproof it.

So it sank as soon as it hit the water.


  1. Conclusion: Ancient boat builders didn't know how to build boats and most of them drowned close to the shore.

  2. How about modern 'intellectuals' think the know more than they do?

    I'm not a college grad, but if I'm trying something that I don't know about and it's important or dangerous- I'll ask someone who knows about it and does this look to you?

  3. I remember some national Geographic-like special on educational TV whare some pointy-headed geeks went to Egypt to "build a pyramid", using only ancient techniques. of course, they also hired a bunch of unskilled egyptian laborers to pretend to be slaves and some stone cutters. They only built a really small pyramid and didn't finish it during their construction shedule or budget. They also had to try a bunch of levering things, that in the end, probably were not "original 2500BC equipment". But I am sure they learned a lot and wrote lots of books about how they could build a superior pyramid (because they are so smart) than the Egyptians. (BFD, so could Las Vegas). Then they forced their students to buy those books and the circle of life continues.

  4. VERY old instructions: Pitch it within and without. Withstands 40 days of rain.