Thursday, May 17, 2012

In which the author goes Godwin from the start

Where have we heard this before?

Some egotistical arrogant asshole who is head of a cult of personality decides that he and his party need to take over the .GOV because the people are to stupid to make decisions any more.

Then we have break-ins in the leadership offices.

Next will be a fire

Them they'll blame a retard
Then we'll hear about some communications hijacking

Finally we invade a country that has never done anything to us---

Now it's time to suspend the elections, because now is NOT the time to change leaders and miss the continuity of our struggles!


  1. No matter what Zerobama says, there is no excuse to skip the election. We had an election in 1864 when there was a little something going on in the country. We had an election in 1944 when there was a minor war going on someplace. If Zerobama tries to skip the election and hold onto power that way he might well end up wearing tar and feathers while riding out of Washington, DC on a fence rail. America will not stand for it.

  2. To follow the historial analogy, the arsonist would be found guilty of treason and have his head chopped off.