Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just out of curiosity

Do you think America has in it anymore to fight a total war?

I mean balls out and f*ck the civilians to win?

I just watched a (different selection) video over at Sams place about the extermination camps of the Nazis.
Here you go:

In one scene it shows the absolute devastation of carpet bombing cities.
That's what brought up this thought--
Are we to 'civilized' to really bring the hurt to a country that despises us in ordr to win a war?

I'm thinking -not anymore.

Because -
a) People willh8 us
-or b) Zomygawd the work court....

No, we'll never end-up leveling cities again,,,no mater who they are- because the military leadership is to PC to really fight wars.


  1. Victor Davis Hanson discussed that on his blog earlier today. It's an interesting read.

  2. I'm afraid you might be onto something.

  3. I think it still depends on the consequences of losing.

    If we can lose ...... then claim a face saving victory and return to safety and comfort at home ...... then yes we would rather lose than commit atrocities such as city leveling.

    The recent wars prove that.

    But if the enemy had the capability to threaten our continuity of government, or empty our grocery shelves, I think we could still light them up.

    I think it really boils down to how much you really hate your enemy. We dont allow ourselves to really hate the enemy anymore, like we did the Japs, or the native Americans.

    You have to have that burning hate ...... the one you can see in the eyes of our Islamic enemies, to really but remorse aside and level the enemies cities and intern his potential supporters on the home front.

    .... and I dont think we as humans have lost the ability to do that, we just put a higher value on taking the high road because in recent overseas wars we had the luxury of taking it.

    Either really hate the enemy or really be afraid of losing, because losing is going to alter your way of life.

    Of course the kind of war that typically generates the most hatred is a civil one.

    I think as technology proliferates this century someone will give us the opportunity to really show our teeth again.

    And I dont care who you are, you really dont want to give us to reason to attack you without remorse.... and I think they all know that.

  4. If you're in a war where you can dick around randomly blowing up people and their stuff for over ten years, then declare victory and go home without ever actually winning or losing anything - and that brings no bad consequences because all the "bad guys" ever wanted was for you to go away...

    ...was that a war you should have been fighting in the first place?

  5. I'm still firmly believe that if WW2 were to happen today, we would lose. Something along the lines of a negotiated settlement with Japan (give up Hawaii, and portions of the West Coast) and leaving Britain and the Commonwealth to twist in the wind.

    However, the recent wars, as pointed out by Redneck Texan have no real consequences back home for losing.

    So maybe, if things got bad enough at home because of an external enemy, the call will go from "can't we all just get along" to "KILL. THEM. ALL.".


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