Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Komen foundation- suing "For the cure"

Any of you people who have sent money to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, do you think you would have a problem if they used a sledge hammer to stop other charities from using a phrase or color?

Apparently, the Komen Foundation is using your money to hire high powered and expensive lawyers to go after mom and pop cancer charities.

Got a little charity that you're trying to raise money to help...and use the entire amount without that Komen overhead?
Don't mention the word CURE or think of using pink because those greedy bureaucrats at The Komen Foundation will come after you like Fred Phelps people at a funeral.

So far, Komen has identified and filed legal trademark oppositions against more than a hundred of these Mom and Pop charities, including Kites for a Cure, Par for The Cure, Surfing for a Cure and Cupcakes for a Cure--and many of the organizations are too small and underfunded to hold their ground.

"It happened to my family," said Roxanne Donovan, whose sister runs Kites for a Cure, a family kite-flying event that raises money for lung cancer research. "They came after us ferociously with a big law firm. They said they own 'cure' in a name and we had to stop using it, even though we were raising money for an entirely different cause."

Donovan's sister, Mary Ann Tighe, said the Komen foundation sent her a letter asking her to stop using the phrase "for a cure" in their title and to never use the color pink in conjunction with their fundraising.

Lets see if we can find a cure for greedy foundations.
Boycott pink!

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