Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dear RNC

It looks like it's almost time to look at candidates for the Presidential primaries- from what I'm seeing.
Just to let you know, if I see any of these retreads on my primary ballot-

...And none of these-

Who is that hot babe behind him?

You can forget about me throwing my vote your way on the general election.


  1. Mitt was a pretty decent Governor. However, we was pretty liberal (maybe he "went along to get along"), especially on MittCare and the Assault Weapon Ban (spit).

    My big problem is that he then ran in 2008 as the "only real conservative". The little problem is that he's liberal. The big problem is that he's a liar.

  2. And no Jeb Bush.

    Yes to Liz Cheney or allen West.

  3. Cant you imagine what a better place the world would be if John Bolton had the launch codes?

  4. Well Herman Cain isn't a bad choice. As with Colonel West. The other candidate's don't have the juice to beat obama. I like Newt, but he has too much baggage. Palin is ok, but very polorizing( obama got the moderates with him along with the lefties in 08.) I am hoping that a star comes out of the republican fold.