Sunday, January 09, 2011

All this finger pointing going on

From Hanoi Jane tweeting her accusations of rightwingedry, to the Lamestream media dumping him with teabaggers and the militia.

Where are all the voices calling for calm and time to figure out his motives like they did when a moslim shot up soldiers at Fort Hood?

Yeah, I know the difference is a white female Democrat and the shooter wasn't a moslim.
So, let the hate and accusations fly.


It looks like our rightwing nutjob was a KOZsack.

UPDATE: part the second"

Don't wast your time Googling anything on our Lefty would-be assasin because, as usual- Google is scrubbing those intratubes of anything bad about our 'disturebed' manchild...who only did it because te gun made him do it.

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