Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just wondering about this lovefest at the STFU speech tonight

Do they have ,,, like an E-congress.com?

Who'll bring the flowers?

Can a Senator sit next to a Rep, or is that not cool? (like a Senior hitting on a Frosh?)

Whose side are they going to sit on?

Will they sit at the same desk, so they can pass notes?

Are they going to call each other about what they'll wear?

So many Questions...maybe they appointed a committee to handle all that?
"We came up with a 2,000 page proceedure book on this unprecidented bi-partisan love-in, and guess what??!!!?? It only cost $1,500,000!!!!"


  1. corsages are too 70's.
    They'll be using C-notes as confetti.

  2. Before it happened, I thought it was a dumb idea. However, I think it kept everyone from jumping up and down like demented jackrabbits. Boehner helped since he just planted ass and stayed there. I think he said he'd stand for the introduction of the First Lady and if the troops were honored, but nothing else.


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