Saturday, January 29, 2011

The internet ISP

That's basically the address of your modem, right?

So if there was an address of, say 63.232.29.### that would be -in normal notation 6,323,229,###- right?
There are over six Billion possible internet doorways to get on these intratubz?

That means America is in the hole $300 for every ISP in the world!


  1. Each group of numbers ranges from 0 to 255. (Represented by an 8-bit byte)

    Max number is 255x255x255x255. 4,228,250,625

    There are many ranges of numbers that are reserved.

    ISP = Internet Service Provider. This is the company that provides internet connection to you.

  2. Your ISP is Quest communication, if that number is your number.

  3. It could be, we're connected via Reach cable/broadband.
    I've also seen it at and along with the and


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