Saturday, December 18, 2010


I told you about the rescue we got volunteered for.

And the cage I had to make at a moments notice (to get her out of a too small aquarium).

Well she's settled in pretty well and seems to be adapting well.

Her color has improved with the right food (green beans, mustard greens, cactus tunas, mangoes, parsnips...) instead of the iceberg lettuce she was subsisting on.

She can stretch out and climb and explore.

Everyone, meet Petunia:

She's adapting nicely and has been letting me hand feed her.
This is what a relaxed iguana looks like.


  1. Very cool Kurt and that's a nice cage. She's bigger than I thought. I never realized they got quite that big.

  2. They can get up to six feet and need alot more in environmental conditioning than I want to do (misters and humidifiers, special lighting...), so if you know anyone let me know.