Monday, December 20, 2010

Helping you with your Christmas buying

Ala all the other sites telling you what to buy, I give you Kurt's equivalents.

Watching yourself put on the pounds at $159-
Type-A health nuts, rejoice: The Withings WiFi Body Scale ($159) shows your weight, then beams it to the company’s Web site via your home wireless connection. It also measures other biometric data, such as body fat. Register for a free online account and see graphs of weight gain or loss over time. Eight people can share one scale, and it comes with a free iPhone application.

Kurt's suggestion-
The Taylor Tempered Glass Body Fat/Body Water Scale at $34.77 that does what that expensive one does, but doesn't tell everyone on the internet about your poundage.

The light on the BlueMax Sunrise System Model 200 by Full Spectrum Solutions ($129) is intended to simulate dawn, helping the body wake up more naturally. The clock can begin emitting light between 15 and 90 minutes before the desired wake-up time and gradually gets brighter. Heavy sleepers have an optional backup alarm sound. The Model 200 also comes with a choice of light bulbs to mimic morning or midday light.

Kurts pick- If you want to wake up to natural phenomena, this alarm clock is all you need for your earthshaking experience. Wake-up with earthquakes for $47.31

Singing in the rain
The Bogs Ultra High ($103) have a standard rubber base, but their upper section is made with Neoprene, the same material used in wet suits, which the company says increases warmth, flexibility and ventilation. The 15-inch-tall boots are a manageable 3.4 pounds, with handles that make for easy on and off. And the Bogs aren’t just for April showers; they can handle subzero winter temperatures, too.

Kurt's well used pick-
$24 worth of workplace sheik chic with the added bonus of not getting your toes crushed.

Save our planet!

For the green friendly household that has to buy specialty equipment for each task we have-

The electric Black & Decker LeafHog LH5000 Blower/Vacuum is a yard-junkie triple threat: a mulcher, leaf blower and vacuum, in one. It weighs just over 8 pounds, has a zipperless bag for easy emptying and provides a 16-to-1 ratio of yard waste to mulch. The LeafHog also uses a sturdy metal impeller for mulching, which the company says should last the life of the machine, and it has a two-year warranty. It is listed as unavailable on the Black & Decker web site but can be bought on for $79.
- NOT to be confused with the Binford 2000 Leaf atomizer.

Kurt's pick-
None. If I were interested in mulching my leaves, Id use my lawnmower- the grass probably needs it's last mowing anyway.

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