Thursday, December 23, 2010

How many of my readers know how a thermostat works?

I mean the old kind with a little mercury inside a glass tube.

I'm reading this story about that pilot who took video of that farce called the TSA security theater. The story that tells of faceless, unelected, unresponsive, uncontrollable bureaucrats trying to find what they can pin on this pilot for showing just how bad their dog and pony show really is.

The reason I was asking about that detonator, was just how easy it would be to load a bomb in the cargo hold set to go off when the plane starts it's takeoff climb.
-->Open the suitcase, slip it in and pull that safety tape off the contacts then start loading other planes as you wait for the plane to break up above a neighborhood elementary school.

-OR- when your catering truck noses up to the plane, put your present on one of those beverage carts.

Those terrorists are locked in a 14th century religion but that doesn't make them completely stupid. Only some loner is going to try boarding with a bomb anymore, and the way TSA is letting crap on planes anyway- he'd probably make it on board....
for the PASSENGERS to stop- like they have been doing.

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