Thursday, December 02, 2010

"Honey? Thing 1 needs you to make a cage"

What kind of a cage? For what?

They (her humane society) rescued an Iguana and she adopted it.

Why in the f*ck did she adopt a lizard? And what's wrong with the aquarium it's in now?

She felt sorry for it, and the thing is too small. It might even loose it's tail...

It's a reptile, it doesn't know how small the thing is, and Iguanas have a detachable tail anyway.

She sent some pictures of what she needs.


So I looked at it and after designing one that was easily transportable (because tools and assembly are not her forte), I made a bill of materials which came out to about $100 before tax.

Who's going to pay for this?

We'll get whoever adopts it to buy it.

Then I remembered- we have horse panels out back. Kewl,,, All I need is a new sawzall blade and some tie wire.

...and some heat source for the shelf, and a branch, and something to keep it from overturning it's food and water.

Those Ryobi batteries sure don't last long below 95 degrees, do they?
If I had an extra sheet of plywood, I could get away with one and a half horse panels and a solid back at 5'H x 5' 10"W x 2'W.

UPDATE- Part the second
It, apparently it's a she, is in her newly expanded world and completely flummoxed at being able to stretch out. The dogs now have live TeeWee to watch, with real animals!

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