Friday, December 10, 2010

One year ago today

The worlds smartest negro was awarded the Nobel Prize for the changes he -by himself- would accomplish in His term of office.

TSA gone wild
FCC taking over AlGores intertubes
Nationalizing banks
..And two thirds of the Auto industry
Tripling the national debt
A historical turnover of the House
Alienation longtime allies
Bowing to dicators
Warrantless tracking of citizens financial transactions
A meltdown of the Democrat party

Can't wait to see what else he can accomplish in his next two years


  1. Note:

    For what they "HOPED" he would accomplish.

    All they did was to dilute the Nobel Prize down to the equivalent of a good conduct medal.

  2. I was going to include that operative word, but got distracted by Petunia.

    Yeah, that's the word isn't it?

  3. Actually, he was given the award for Not Being George W. Bush. If you don't believe me, please remember that two men (Jimmy Carter, Al Gore) won the same prize simply for criticizing George W. Bush.

  4. Shit - I'd give anyone an award for what he is doing to the Democrats.