Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gee, I don't know why they'd think that

I mean, really- who would ever think the Union would hold hostage the people who pay their salaries by not doing what they're supposed to do?

It's not like we've ever hared of the teachers waiting until school starts to strike for even MORE money and benefits.
Or the police union threatening to strike when they know there's unrest in their city.

So why would anyone even think- in the growing financial problems of NYC- that the unions would have a work slowdown?

It's not like they'll get fired no matter what they do, or don't- including f*cking someones SUV up because they're incompetent (and yes I DO know how to operate a front end loader)

BUT not to worry because Mayor Mike is also angry about his city's (lack of) response to the taxpayers who are still snowed in. But come January 10th, they'll have a City Council meeting to try to find out why a Liberal city with a Liberal Mayor and slothful, overpaid Unions are so f*cked up when it comes to emergencies.

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