Friday, June 04, 2010

What about their parents Mr Shabazz

It's not like this illegal immigration flap hasn't been going on before some of those kids "hitching themselves to the 60's civil rights movement" were even born.

You know, deep down Mr. Shabazz, that being an illegal today isn't like being black in the segregated south. It's not like there are Democrats having lynching parties by torchlight. It's not like they're being run down with dogs. It's not like they, or their parents can't change things by just going home.

They are illegal immigrants who STILL have all their rights, and if you want to target any states- I suggest having a look at the new Mass. Immigration law that's so much more onerous than Arizona's.

Oh, nevermind- it didn't pass.
..."Rick Gorka, a Baker spokesman, pointed out that the measure seeking to block illegal immigrants from state benefits failed by an unexpectedly close 75-82 vote in the Democratically controlled House.

“Fifty-nine Democrats in the House agree with Charlie Baker that the state should not be giving services to illegal immigrants except in emergency situations and those involving a child,’’ Gorka said in a statement. “Whether it’s in-state tuition breaks or driver’s licenses, Deval Patrick continues to show he’s clueless when it comes to protecting the taxpayer."

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