Sunday, June 13, 2010

I got an MRI on my elbow yesterday

Not that I'm going to say much about it, but I kind of used it for a lead-in.

I was driving in to town, and almost got rear-ended three times by the same d1ckhead in the TOYOTA Tundra. He may have thought he's just saving brakes, or something- BUT when you come up on me at speed and decide to hit your brakes 10 feet from me- I tend to get pissed. Especially when you do it at every stop light in Castroville.

Then when I was transitioning from HWY 90 to 410, some beAtch driving behind the wheel of a maroon TOYOTA sedan decided to try taking my front bumper off- because she was tired of yielding the right of way.

And lastly, right before I was going to exit- the @sshole in a gray TOYOTA Forerunner decided he needed to jump right in front of me and hit the brakes.

While I was filling out the forms, I was listening to MSNBC who were all hyped about something happening in S. Africa. They were talking about it on the radio on the way home, too. I got home to a message from Thing 1 all exited because England made a goal- I left it for the only other person remotely interested when she got in from work. When she reminded me that America has a team there too, I told her the ONLY people here who are really interested are Mexicans and Liberals.

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