Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meet DUB

I don't know DUB, but I know he's an @sshole.

As you can see, I left a car length and a half between me and his windows. I stopped there because I already was hearing his overly loud, intrusively vile rap shit over my loudish Viva Las Vegas CD.

The reason I *know* he's an asshole is that it was almost 100 degrees outside and he had all his windows down so he could force everyone within 150 feet to hear that vile crap.


  1. The level of douchbaggery is proportional to the rim/tire ratio. Here we see that there is a large difference in the rim/tire ratio, and so there is a high level of moronitude inside of the vehicle.

  2. Bluesun for the win. The other day I saw a low rider Impala, flat black with the usual cholo accoutrements and being driven by a gangster wanna be. What was he blasting out the windows?
    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I kid you not.