Thursday, June 24, 2010

That's a fine example of fast action, Barry

The way you yanked McCrystal out of the 'Stan and fired him within three days of that 'Rolling stone' article.
I know you promised 'change'. and you've given us plenty- mostly the kind that's against what most Americans want.
I can remember all the way back to your predecessor and the support his critics in the military got for talking smack....because it showed their individualism, moral courage and anything else with a positive spin.

Way to go in taking charge of this thing from day one, President KickAss, it was almost like you had lazerlike focus on your self-image as opposed to say...the whole Afghan mission- or an oil spill in the Gulf.


  1. To be faired to Obambi - - which I hate doing - - he did the right thing. I'm a vet myself, and even I think that McChrystal was out of line and should have been canned. As for the military officers who badmouthed President Bush, you'll note that they were all retired, and the ones on active duty were careful to insist on anonymity when talking to reporters.

  2. I like it, "President KickAss". That should be the only moniker he needs, from here on out.

    As in, looking for some ass to kick, the only target President KickAss dared kick was within his own administration.

    Anybody else would kick back!