Saturday, February 03, 2007


Over a hunderd thousand dead!!!

Bird flu is attacking England.

Every one PANIC!!!!

LONDON - Britain confirmed its first outbreak of the H5N1 bird flu in a domestic flock on Saturday, saying the virus has been detected on a farm owned by Europe's largest turkey producer where 2,500 turkeys died.

As a precaution all 159,000 turkeys will be slaughtered on the farm in Holton in Suffolk, about 130 miles northeast of London, said Britain's Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer Fred Landeg. He said he expects the outbreak to be contained.

Oops, maybe panic is too strong of a word...

Workers have been offered antiviral drugs and are wearing protective clothing, said Health Protection Agency virologist Maria Zambon. She added that the virus does not transmit easily to humans and has not been found to be transmitted through food.

Experts stressed the situation did not pose a public health threat.

First it was Dhimmy Carters' Swine flu that was going to devestate America, Now it's Bird flue. What's the next manufactured crisis?
Oh, yeah...'Global Climate Change'

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