Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No Bill Clinton jokes

I promise. Monica's not going to be there either, I hear.

Hey, Rick- Those improvements your making. Do they include renovating cemetaries for your core voting block?

Who do you think the authors of this poll are backing? The only one not mentioned was a carpetbagger.

Stem cell research, it's really not about the money!

This is the kind of "guns -for-cash" program they need to do more often.

WARNING- watching porn can be psychologicaly damaging.

And I just had to include Cartman in this link.

And speaking of self-centerd selfish d!ckheads, how much do you think this study of the obvious cost?

America, what a country!

And one last one from the U.K. I thought Torchwood was fiction.

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