Sunday, January 15, 2006

Next verse, same as the first

I got a late start shopping today, so I had to put up with every f*cking Mexican in south Texas in HEB. I don't think I heard more than three complete sentinces in english before I got to the cashier. Not only were they out in force, they were gang-shopping. They took the entire family to the store mamá, tía, abuela and niños- and each one HAD to have a shopping cart. Parked side by side. C'mon mujados, this is an American HEB, not that third world mercado that you're used to.

Not only did I have to put-up with all those wonderful results of coruption and greed south of the border, I was treated to the results of out resident leaders in D.C. Yep, prices are going up because of fuel costs. The leaders in D.C- ALL of them- are afraid to do anything that would make the Legacy media talk even worse about them.
We're not going to do anything about our fuel problems because the REPUBLICANS are letting the eco-wacos set our energy policy, which means higher prices for everything, including the transport to deliver already overpriced fuel.

I'm thinking about starting to slap stickers on gas pumps saying:
"If you like these prices, be sure to thank . . .
-a Liberal"
-Your Congressman (with Kay Baily-Hutchinsons phone number on it)"
-a Democrat"

Gawd, I hate paying these prices when I know we don't have to.

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