Saturday, January 28, 2006

I guess I'm not the only one who wants a search engine that "won't"

Won't cave to communist dictatorships
Won't give it up like Paris Hilton on spanish fly.

It's not that Google refused to hand over search records on principle. They were more interested in preserving THEIR privacy- in the area of trade secrets.

I know, Jeez- there he goes again on that trivial thing about privacy, and the expectation of it on AlGores internet. Just think, though. You had four of the biggest search engines in the world (Anglosphere anyway) hand over to the guvimmment millions of search requests because they asked. Good thing it was the American govt' who asked- at least *for now* they have some restrictions on how they can act on a search request with your name and address all over it.

What kind of ethical, moral or legal restraints would the dictaphiles at the U.N.have to stop them from punishing, prohibiting or censoring what you look for on the World Wide Web?

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