Saturday, May 12, 2012

We finally see Democrats shying away from their Boy King

This is why can never see me voting for anyone that still has a (D) behind their name.

It took two years of the troika of 0bama, Reid and Pelosi to cram an unpopular and unconstitutional ObamaKare through the Congress.
They did it with tricks, lies, bribes and false accusations against their opponents, not to mention barely legal, and absolutely ammoral procedures to get it passed on a partyline vote.

And no one with a (D) behind their name had a problem with it...until it dawned on them that they had an election in 11 months.

NOW- their Chicago Jeezus has pissed into the faces of mainstream America (Bitter clingers) and the people with a (D) behind their name are only now -because of the election in November- finding they have a problem with their Unicorn Riders finally evolved stance on gay marriage.

Using the Constitution like toilet paper, no problem- BUT we have to convince these shlubs to reelect us one more time before they forget  what we pulled on them with Obamacare.

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