Saturday, May 19, 2012

I know I have Ron Paul supporters here

Personally, as I've said before, I look at him like an even more loose screwed Ross Perot.

I know you don't want to hear anything bad about your version of Barack Obama, but seriously-

Your people are gaming the system to try to force an unwanted candidate on the majority at the RNC by hijacking the delegates.

Is that how you want to win, seriously?
Playing loose with the rules and blowing off the intent of the bylaws?

I didn't want Romney, but I refuse to vote for someone with worse foreign policy than Obama, maybe even more antisemitic than Obama.

Sometimes you get what you wish for- then what are you going to do?


  1. Naturally I wish you felt differently about Paul. I'm one of the guys cheering him on and frankly admiring the technical adroitness his people are using to earn enough delegates to make him a presence in Tampa. They are simply using the rules written by others to make sure the man's ideas get some kind of hearing at the quadrenniel gathering of the party cardinals.

    As to Paul, himself, I think Tam put it about as well as anyone, something like, "Things have come to a sorry pass when only the crazy people are making sense."

    He'll lose, of course. But in the process he'll have advanced the cause of a less-statist government, and I suspect he'll find that satisfying.


  2. I admit he has some good ideas.
    It's the rest of what he believes that turns me off like Rose-ann Barr coming-on to me.

  3. I had the opportunity to speak to Dr. Paul in the early '80's. Even back then, he was a staunch supporter of the Constitution and worried about the lack of fiscal responsibility.

    I'm not 100% behind his foreign relations ideas, but I'm behind him on his demand for an independent audit of the Federal Reserve and for a substantial reduction in Federal spending.

    He's not my presidential choice, but any President that has some sense would make every effort to have him involved with the economy and oversight.

  4. Yeah...

    I'll take Paul by hook or by crook.

  5. Where is RP wrong on foreign policy? The country is bankrupt and frankly I don't care about Isreal, Iraq, or anywhere else. I imagine those who don't like his foreign policy views are not willing to pay the taxes to support it or sign up for it.

  6. He doesn't HAVE a foreign policy- except to let Israel be overrun by Islamic terrorists.

    You need a foreign policy to understand how you're going to deal with both friendly countries and our enemies.

  7. He's like your crazy uncle who flips between sane and batshit crazy at the drop of a hat. I mean he's right pretty damn often, but he's still your cooky, crazy uncle.