Monday, May 07, 2012

Hydrogen floats, too

 So does natural gas..
Apparently they don't believe in using helium in their balloons in Armenia:

Watch the string of white balloons.


  1. Years ago, I had a friend that would make balloons from the plastic bags that came from the cleaners. He'd wait for a real still night, fill them with natural gas, place a candle on a small platform under the balloon and let it fly.

    I never saw one, but he told me they would usually get at least one trip by the police to the neighborhood.

  2. CH4 = 4H + 1 C(12) == 16.

    Air - 78% N2, ~20% O2.

    If it floats, not by much...

    A buddy of mine likes to fill 30 gallon garbage bags with oxyacetylene mix, and detonate them with a cannon fuse - they don't float, but they DO go BOOM. They also can blow back in your face, if you are not real careful.