Friday, April 08, 2011

Tired of all this free time

I guess I'll go back to work. Since I haven't heard anything from the .gov contractor who was going to make me a small cog in the military/industrial complex.
Or the Navy background checks.
Or the office grunts of Sens. Cornyn or Hutchison who I asked to look into why it was taking over SIX MONTHS to make some basic inquires.

I was in the area dropping off an app to drive a post office truck, I decided to drop by the old workplace and see if bossman was still pissed off about me cracking that windshield, and if not could I come back?

Well, they're picking up work again, but not like it used to be, so they offered $2 less. I reminded them that I was the one who used the bucket truck to fix parking lot lights and they made good money for that, so my Super said he'd do what he could.

As I was just getting ready to merge into I-35 ProDriver called and asked if I wanted a job...
So, at least i have choices without moving, anyway.


  1. We'll see what they finally decide on. It's a 54 mile commute from my house to the yard.
    All the new construction they have going on is farther east, or north- so it's even farther.


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