Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A question on phraseology

If you're in a store where the 5lb log of e .coli-burger used to sell for $10, then it dropped to $9.88 and we'd say it took a .12% drop- right?
Then if we walked our happy butts to the same place the next day and saw the same tube of e .coli-burger for $11.33- would we call that a 13% jump in a consumers prices?

Like the bell peppers that used to be 33 cents are now $1.24.

Good thing the Consumer price index doesn't look at food, or our economy would look a whole lot worse.

But like President Everyman says we'll have to get used to it.

He hasn't tried that "I feel your pain" line yet, has he?


  1. Ya but "he" remembers what it was like to pump gas...

  2. Way back when each pump only delivered one grade of gas and you had to pay first- with cash.

    Because nobody had debit cards back then.


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