Friday, April 22, 2011

Obama- always on the wrong side

So, knowing that it will never happen--I ask rhetorically- Where are the cries of outrage from the anti-war peaceniks?

If it were Bush that jumped into Libya and was backing Al-Qaida rebels that just beheaded a captured soldier, it would ba all over the news- instead of being broken on the Jawa Report. It includes vjdeo of the people Obama wants to see in power yelling Allah Akbar as they saw off the soldiers head.

...And these are the people who are going to get advanced weapons and training from us, the taxpayer.
To be sent to A-stan to be used against our troops.

AND- we'll never hear the lapdogs of Obamas press corps mention anything about war crimes, like you'd hear if Bush any Republican was stupid enough to get involved in Libya.


  1. obama is a very dangerous man....

    Do the American people not see this, or are they afraid of him? Worse yet, do they agree with him?

  2. I don't think they agree with him, but most aren't political junkies and only really start paying attention when stuff starts affecting them.

    Or about two days before an election.

  3. The soldier was probably a african mercenary that Quadaffey hired. That being said, nobody deserved that. Here in the Western based world, we have rules of land warfare. in other places of the world, life is cheap. The same people that didn't squalk about islam cutting off Daniel Pearl's head, will not squalk about this. They are cowards

  4. Except that the same people who wanted to hang Bush for Abu Graib and anything else they could think of aren't going to say jack about this.

    Yeah, I know the willing media will let a Dem get away with anything.


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