Sunday, April 10, 2011

Look at this picture

It's Helen Mirren going through an X-ray machine at LAX.

But that's not the reason I put it up.
Look at those TSA perverts. One of them looks like she's standing on the recieving side of that radiation machine.

I don't see anything that looks like a radiation badge on either one of them.
Nor do I see any kind of certification on the machine like I'd see on a hospital X-ray machine.

Good thing we have Obamacare for when she gets cancer, so we won't be having to pay for all those expensive cancer treatments-huh?


  1. I read somewhere that radiation doesn't penetrate human fat and the one on the left looks very well protected.


  2. Not all the porno-scanners use X-rays - some use "terahertz" radiation, which is short wave RF - below infrared in wavelength - or are passive scanners receiving the IR your body emits. Those scanners are not cumulative radiation risks.

    About radiation penetrating fat - depends on the wavelength. Low voltage (long wave) X-ray is absorbed by the skin, which is what did in a lot of old-time X-ray technicians and doctors. Higher voltage X-rays can go through feet of steel - and cook anyone unlucky to be in the path. That's what the roving TSA scanner trucks use.

    I doubt TSA workers are given any education on rad safety, anyway. Getting them to dress themselves every morning and get to work on time is asking a lot of some of them.


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