Thursday, April 07, 2011

The line in the sand

Interesting that Prezident Kickazz decided to make it now, when he knows how bad press may actually ooze out about troops not getting paid.
He decided that NOW was a time to show he had some kind of balls and stand up to fiscal responsibility.
I wonder if Michelle had anything to do with it?

We're going to shut down parts of the .GOV and not pay our military whilt food stamps, welfare payments and the other titsuckers get theirs, but my grandadughter is going to end up eating CAT FOOD because Obama hates military dependents and wants to see them STARVE!

OBAMA HATES MILITARY BABIES! He wants them to starve in the dark!
Obama will be driving eight Suburbans in Williamsburg while my daughter is walking to dsaycare because she can't put gas in the car!

Obama lives it up while military babies eat cat food! (oops- used that already, sorry it just rolls off the tongue)


  1. You know I think he wanted this all along. The Dems knew they couldn't cut anything and get support from their own. So they don't pass a budget. Then they get swamped in 2010 now they can blame republicans for doing what they should have done... Might have worked too if people didn't have more resources for news than MSNBC and the alphabets.

  2. Maybe, never underestimate the gullibility of the uninformed. We've got a 22 yr-old who'd only now hearing about the shutdown- she heard about it yesterday...
    Now she's freaked out thinking that everything she knows is going to go up in flames!!!eleven!!!!

    She asked if I heard anything about it and I told her it was there in front of her face every time she hit the Yahoo! home page and she might actuallt LOOK at the headlines before she clicks on facebook.

    I really don't think the military will lose pay because their payday is on the 15thm so there's room to do something.But it frlt good to writ all that Obama hates....
    you know?

  3. It may not occur to the idiot in the White House, but all this will do is piss off the military, and may make every soldier out there vote against him and his party.

  4. Bob, most of them do already- IF they get to vote.

    Remember that clusterfuck about military absentee ballots this last election?


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